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WARNING! Some Files May Contain Explicit Language!
   File types are .Mp3 and .wav      
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A guy named Kerpal harasses a guy and his daughter saying that the daughter kick his dog.   (422 KB) Kerpal calls some guy asking for a ride home from the airport. (1.38 MB) Someone calls Pizza Hut with sound clips of Chris Tucker (1.01 MB) Someone calls Pyro with sound clips of Chris Tucker (626 KB) A guy calls local Chinese restaurants asking for "Chikity China The Chinese Chicken" (1.67 MB) A British Guy pisses off another British man. (512 KB) A DJ named Curly G  promotes his new record (528 KB) Someone calls a hardware store asking for butt-plugs (1.56 MB) Someone calls the post office complaining about the Malcolm X stamp (2.45)

Other Funny Sounds A man has one funny 911 call (724 KB) Some guy thinks he won 100 Grand off a contest but he really wins something else (925) A guy calls a computer tech and asks a really stupid question (425 KB) Someone calls up a computer shop and complians about a computer he bought (1.06 MB)


I have another set of prank phone calls ready to upload so check back within a month or so!

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