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Gopi's Utopia is now packed with 40 Exclusive Games! 10 Great new exclusive games added that KICK ASS!

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The Simpsons

Starsky And Hutch Car Game

   Kill your favorite Simpsons characters and at the same time try to achieve a personal high score!

   Your in a car and you try to avoid Cops, Taxi's, and Pedestrians. While trying to pick up chick and hit the club!

R-Shot v3


   This is a fun shooter game in which you have a target and you must shoot it 5 times. After the 5th It moves further back. You must get 25 points with 30 bullets.

Help guide Frogger across a busy highway, and across a crazy river without being killed!



   Try to kill the computer or another player in this super fun 1 or 2 player game!

  The best online version of Tetris I'ver ever seen!

Ball Maze

Quick Shot

Navigate the ball around the maze without touching the walls and while being timed. HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!

Play against time in this basketball shoot out. Use the mouse to aim and the further up you put the mouse the further the ball will shoot.


Space Ship

Play the classic game of Pong.

  Collect the silver balls in your space ship while avoiding alien space ships.

Live War

Shoot the enemy aircraft out of the air. You need 1000 points to continue.

   30 More Great Games In Games Section 2

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